Laser Dentistry in Stuart, FL

Laser Dentistry offers many new options for care in the healthcare industry. Among the benefits include cleansing the pulp when doing root canals, debriding the pockets around gum infection and more recently, it has been shown to be effective in treating sleep apnea and snoring (Nightlase). The laser technology can be used for hard tissue cutting – small fillings without anesthetic, and gum trimming to contour excess tissue. Among some of the other uses for Dental Lasers include smoothing out tissue (Smoothlase), stopping bleeding, tightening and smoothing facial and neckline, and contouring lips (Liplase).


Laser Dentistry Stuart, FL –  is mainly used to remove decay around the patients gums and teeth to prepare for filling. The Lasers are used to reshape gums and remove bacteria during a root canal procedure to help you get your smile back to good health.


Laser Dentistry Procedures


Laser dentistry is also a great procedure to treat gum disease and even teeth whitening. There are two types of laser treatments that can be performed in the patients mouth. These are considered hard and soft tissue procedures. Hard tissue procedures are if the patient needs early cavity detection, need a tooth preparation, or a dental filling.


Soft tissue procedures can help treat gums that cover too much of a certain tooth, and it also helps with crown lengthening – this procedure helps reshape the gum tissue and bone structure. Soft tissue treatment also helps out gum tissue from gum disease.


If you are dealing with gum disease or if you struggle with oral health in the Stuart area this could be a treatment worth looking into. There is many patients that struggle with gum disease or oral health problems. Gum disease can be treated with minimally invasive laser treatment, but you will need to continue to brush and floss correctly each day to keep a healthy smile.


What Else Can Laser Dentistry Help With?


Laser treatment also helps with teeth whitening. What it does is helps speed up the bleaching process during your teeth whitening sessions. There is also other types of dental care that laser dentistry can help provide some relief with. If you have any kind of bone pain caused by TMJ (temporomandibular joint) or treating cold sores laser treatment is a highly recommended choice.


The laser technology portion of the treatment is very quick and doesn’t take a lot of time or hours to do. Patients often wonder if they need dental implants or cosmetic surgery, if you can get to the issue quick enough and laser treatment is a great way to do this, you may catch some dental problems early enough that you won’t need any big surgery. The process is pretty simple once you have an appointment made.


Laser dentistry is considered pretty painless with today’s technology. If you have an infection or you have periodontal gum disease that may have caused a cavity that developed into a root canal, this is a treatment you may want to explore. It’s very important to find Dentists that are qualified to offer and perform these procedures , this is why Dr. Riggs in Stuart, FL is a great choice for getting laser dentistry done.


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