An important message to our clients and friends regarding what we are doing a little differently for your safety.

Safety Measures for Patient Comfort and Safety


  • Medify Air Purifiers with 3 layer filtration including H13 HEPA in each treatment room
  • An In-Duct HVAC air purification and UV ionization system installed in our AC system
  • Pre-screening Health calls in addition to Temperatures and Pulse-Ox readings are taken on all patients and team members upon arrival
  • Hands-Free Hand Sanitizing Stations upon arrival and throughout the office
  • Masks are worn by all patients not yet in treatment rooms
  • CDC approved Face Shields, masks, gowns and head coverings are worn by team members
  • Sneeze Guard at the front desk
  • HOCL fogging after every patient and at the end of the day. HOCL is a safe EPA approved bacterial and viral disinfectant
  • Sequencing of patient scheduling to allow more time between patients for increased disinfection and sterilization protocols
  • Anti-Microbial/Viral pretreatment rinses for all patients
  • Advanced multi-system suction devices used to reduce aerosols during dental cleanings and treatment
  • Magazines and refreshment stations have been removed.  We are happy to offer coffee or water on request. WIFI is available for device use

Safety Measures