Teeth Whitening in Stuart, FL


At Riggs Family Dentistry , teeth whitening is another option for improving patients’ smiles. With a deep teeth-whitening treatment, Dr. Riggs can often achieve a level of aesthetic brightening that feels like a brand-new “you.”


Teeth whitening or bleaching is an inexpensive and effective treatment to visibly brighten the color of your teeth, and is one of the most common dental procedures done today. Dr. Riggs finds that the positive effects of her teeth whitening treatments can last up to five years, depending on a patient’s overall dental hygiene and exposure to tooth-discoloring activities. This whitening treatment is very effective for helping you get a brighter smile.


Dr. Riggs offers both in-office teeth whitening stuart services and at-home teeth-whitening systems by Opalescence that contain a desensitizing agent for those with sensitive teeth. She will typically use these in tandem when an immediate result is desired. If you are located near Stuart or Jensen beach stop by our office today to find out more.


For the at-home portion of your teeth-whitening treatment, Dr. Riggs will make a dental impression of the teeth you wish lightened during your first visit. That impression is used to create a model of your teeth in order to fabricate a custom whitening tray that will fit perfectly over your teeth when filled with the at-home whitening gel. Dr. Riggs will teach you how to use and position the tray.