Intra-oral Cameras


Dr. Crystel Riggs utilizes a tool known as a Dentrix Image-Cam intra-oral video camera. Comparable to the size of a pen, this piece of invaluable high-tech diagnostic equipment allows the Riggs Family Dentistry team to view broken or cracked fillings, potential periodontal or gum problems, and small tooth imperfections.


The use of the intra-oral camera also gives us the ability to view a tooth magnified up to 25 times its normal size. We are even able to give you a guided tour of the inside of your mouth, showing you exactly what Dr. Riggs sees, providing you with a better visual understanding of the condition of your teeth and gums.


As you can imagine, the intra-oral camera is a critical factor in detecting a problem at the earliest stages, allowing Dr. Riggs to custom-design a treatment plan to prevent the progression of any early stage condition. With full-color images available, you and Dr. Riggs can make a detailed assessment of your teeth with this vital information at hand, leading to more informed decisions about treatment options and care.