Let’s Talk Masks

Whether you are using a homemade cloth mask or manufactured layered mask, it’s essential to understand how they are protecting you. Wearing a sanitary and well-fitting mask can not only protect you from being exposed to viruses, but it can also protect others around you in the event you were exposed to the virus. The lowest risk of contagion is when two or more people within a close vicinity (ideally not closer than 6 feet) are both wearing masks. The transmission is due to the likelihood of the virus traveling via fluid molecules, i.e., saliva when speaking, laughing, or sneezing.

Once you have worn your protective mask, it is crucial to handle it properly to avoid any possible contamination (the reason you are wearing it). Put on your clean mask with clean hands. When you remove it, handle it only by the straps. After use, don’t touch the outside and dispose of it properly. If you are reusing your mask, don’t touch the inside; hang your mask to air out, preferably in the sun for four days. If you are wearing a cloth mask, you can immediately wash it in soap and hot water and let it dry before wearing it again.