Is there a Best Solution for Missing Teeth?

Your best solution for missing teeth would not be the same as another individual. To find the best solution for your missing teeth, you need a thorough evaluation by a skilled and experienced dentist. Your dentist would examine a number of factors that are unique to your teeth, such as the number, location and function of the missing teeth, the extent of jawbone collapse due to the tooth loss, and the state of your remaining teeth and gums. All these factors help to determine the best option for you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most popular replacement options for missing teeth. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw in place of a missing tooth’s root. They act as anchors for dental crowns or other restoration work. Since they are implanted into your you’re your jaw should have sufficient density for placing dental implants.

Dental implants are also the most reliable tooth replacement. They do not come loose or fall out and, they last a lifetime. No other tooth replacement addresses the missing root of a tooth. This is why dental implants can prevent structural changes to your jaw.

Dental Bridges

When more than a single tooth is missing in an arch, a good replacement option is a dental bridge. A dental bridge can be attached to dental crowns placed over adjacent teeth or to crowns placed over implants. Bridges are excellent f there is a need for holding more than one restoration in place. However, bridges can also be used for a single tooth.

Dental bridges are fixed and restore strength, function, and beauty to your smile. But bridges do not replace missing tooth roots, so, they are not be able to prevent changes to the jaw. So, they may need to be adjusted as the jaw shrinks over time.


When a larger row of teeth is missing, dentures may be the best solution. In addition to traditional dentures, now you can have implant-supported dentures. These implant-supported dentures often have clip or ball-and-socket attachments, in order to allow them to be removed for easy cleaning. Implant-supported dentures are stronger and more reliable than traditional ones, and are better able to restore uninterrupted biting, chewing, and speaking abilities.

There is no one “best solution” for missing teeth for everyone. Your dentist can evaluate your dental condition and recommend what is best for you.

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