Is a root canal necessary if I don’t have pain?

Root canals become necessary when your tooth has already crossed the point of salvage because it has been badly infected and is dying.

You may ask if you could simply have the tooth pulled. Of course, you can. But it would create the need to replace the pulled tooth with an artificial implant. Otherwise, a hole would remain in your jawline.

While some dentists will tell you to have the tooth pulled and get an implant, others would recommend a root canal treatment. The decision has to be made mutually by you and your dentist.

The pros and cons of a root canal procedure include –


  • No tooth extraction
  • No bone loss around the tooth
  • You can keep your original tooth
  • A root canal is a long treatment
  • You need a repeat treatment to a second procedure to get a crown for the tooth

But when is Root Canal truly necessary?

Determining whether you should really have a root canal done or not requires a highly experienced dentist to ascertain the need. To learn if your tooth truly needs a root canal, your dentist will check the tooth for decay and death.

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